New Russian and Iranian distributor.

SELFRAG, the world’s leading supplier of high voltage pulse power fragmentation equipment to the geoscience, mining, recycling, and solar industries and research institutes, has expanded its sales and service capabilities in Russia and Iran. 11.16

Selfrag’s Dan Parvaz will be attending the European Symposium on Comminution & Classification.

Dan will have a poster presentation entitled “Pre-concentration Attributes of SELFRAG High Voltage Treatment” highlighting the potential of Selfrag technology in the comminution process.The event will take place on the 7-10 September 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information please contact us at or follow us on Twitter. 02.09.15

SELFRAG changes the face of incinerator slag recycling.

First commercial system will be installed in Switzerland.SELFRAG specialist in High Voltage fragmentation has develop a ground breaking process for the commercial recycling of slag. 09.12.14

New collaboration set to revolutionize silicon crushing

SELFRAG, a specialist in high voltage pulse power fragmentation, has joined forces with ALZTEC, provider of silicon processing systems to create a new breed of silicon rod crusher that minimises waste & contamination. The first system will be delivered to a major customer at the end of 2014. 05.12.14